​​Mabel - Despite her own disability, Mabel chose to help the helpless puppies.

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Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary is a place for older and terminally ill dogs to come and spend their last days in loving care.
We also give temporary homes to dogs that are down on their luck and need place to heal before finding forever homes. Animals with broken bones, Broken spirits and broken hearts find their way here to rest, recoup and re-discover love and trust.

Though most special needs, older and hospice animals stay at the sanctuary forever. Our younger injured residents once healed are put up for adoption on our Facebook fan page and in

Pet-finder website

And some times we get lucky. We have wonderful angels adopt our special needs dogs and older dogs through our silver paw program. We do not adopt terminally ill dogs but we adopt dogs who may have condition like diabetes that can easily be controlled with medicines. 
The sanctuary works directly with other shelters. Due to a lack of space and resources we do not accept pets directly from individuals but offer to place the individual pets on our website for people who for one reason or another have to give away their family pet. We ask guardians to foster their dogs until we can find them a home.​​

Keep Your Pet Safe

Owning a dog is not just a privilege-it's a responsibility. So keep in mind to:

  1. ID your dog​. Consider investing in microchipping or tattooing.

  2. Watch the heat.

  3. Prepare for disaster having your pet in mind.

  4. Establish an emergency contact.

  5. Included your pet in your travel plans or have a pet sitter at hand.

The Woodlands Eco Realty donates 20% of their income to Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary.  Every time you buy, sell of lease a home you help the animals in need at the sanctuary.

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Rescuing special needs, sick and injured require a lot of funds to pay for the vet bills, medicines and special food. From insulin to arthritis medicine to heart worm meds, it all adds up to thousands of dollars. But its worth it because they are the most grateful creatures ever. Here you see 2 deaf dogs bonding.

Operating Funds

To end the cycle of pain it's essential that we conquer the pet over population problem that we have in our area. Spaying & neutering means there will not be unwanted pets coming in this world to suffer neglect & abuse.

Peanut - she needs lots of help. Emaciated, anemic, shattered hips, heart murmur, heartworm positive, hook worms, road burns, infection and loaded with hundreds and thousands of fleas. This princess can use some help.

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