Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary

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Pure Mutts - Designer Dogs Designed by nature!

  Healing Hands Medical Fund  


Broken Leg and Broken Heart
Though I have been rescued
I can't go Far
Waiting for the treatment still
Won't you help me pay
my medical bills?


Article about our holiday campaign

                             Donate a Dog Bed to Keep our                                                           Sponsor a Rescue Dog & Help                          

                       Pups comfortable & Cozy this Winter                                                      Sponsor a sanctuary resident


Sign up for our email list if you would like to get updates on available animals for adoption.

All animals that are adopted from Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary are fully vaccinated and fixed. If you can't adopt but would like to help please consider sponsoring one of our sick animals. Adoption Fees are $100 or more donations to Pure Mutts or any of our local shelters and other rescue groups. Some of the groups that we support are
CAPS - Citizens For Animal protection
MCAS - Montgomery County Animal Shelter
FMCAS - Friends Of Montgomery County Animal Shelter
DDB - Dogs Desrve Better
BFAS - Best friends animal Sanctuary
FAAS - Farm animals Animal Sanctuary

Change the life of an unfortunate pup, adopt today your favorite Mutt©

Can't adopt right now but want to support us?

Foster for us.   or
Help us with our outreach events. or
Please donate towards the medical bills or food for the animals using paypal.   
Sponsor one of our Special Need dogs.  Or
Donate a Kuranda Bed.  Or
Donate towards Supplements and Vitamins.  Or
Sponsor a warm water Swimming treatment for arthritic dogs.


We need Fosters, Volunteers and Donors
to help us rescue more animals in need

Please contact us if you would like to foster or volunteer for us.

Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary

In loving memory of Moti - She stole my heart and gave me a soul.
Best Pitbull ambassador who won everyone's heart

Rest in peace until we meet again 

In Memory of a precious girl - With her love she changed my world©
I rescue animals because Moti rescued my soul -Priyanka

 Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary is founded in honor of a loving soul "Moti" who showed us humans what it means to love unconditionally.

Sanctuary is founded to fill the need of providing special care for old, seriously sick and injured animals that ordinary shelters can't provide due to lack of resources.  These special need animals come to the
Pure Mutts Sanctuary from other shelters, from other rescuers and volunteers, from concerned citizens.

Its a private sanctuary and does not get any state or federal funding. We depend on generousity of kind souls that help us carry on our mission. (Non Profit Status - Pending).

Sanctuary serves as a
-Hospice for older animals that have been abondoned by their families at their old age either because they are sick or because family wants a new model.
-Long term foster home for really sick and injured animals that need a place for long term recovery. Animals abused by humans or abondoned animals injured in accidents.
-Vacation home for healthy animals who stop by before they find their forever home. Usually stray who lived most of their life on streets or abondoned and lost animals who can't find their way back home because they don't have tags or are not chipped.

Our Patience, Care, and Compassion and their will to live, love and be loved makes this Sanctuary a special place.


How You can Help

Temporary Foster
If you are not sure if you are ready to add to your family, you can try our temporary foster program. You foster the animal you think you want to adopt to see if you make good fit for each other without going through the full adoption. If you decide you are ready you can finish the official adoption paperwork and if you decide you are not ready you can simply return the animal back to us or try a different one.

You can be one of our angels and foster dogs on regular basis for us until they are ready for Adoption.


We need help at the sanctuary for following:
Playing and Socializing
animals, Leash Training' Vet Appointments, Outside Adoption Trips, Home Screenings

Please see some of our cases on Page - "Silver Paws and Helping Hands"


  Want to Donate?
  You can use 
paypal or send us a check by snail mail.

  Pls Send Donations To - Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary
                                          Suit - 100
                                          2463 Bill Smith Rd
                                          Conroe, Tx - 77384


Hurricane IKE and Us
We were still getting ready to open our doors when Hurricane Ike hit. Though we were not ready we knew we didn't have a choice and have to step up to a plate and rescue animals that need our help. As everyone else we got hit hard. With fences down, Shelter building damaged from fallen trees and flooding we had to work hard to make sanctuary safe for everyone.
We ended up with 30 animals though we are only set up for 10-12.
It has taken all this time for sick and injured animals to recover and get ready for adoptions. We still have one dog Bandit in the hospital. But as our resources are running really really low from all the vet bills, food and recovery process we need to find homes for now healthy animals fast so we can recover and rescue more needy animals.
Below are the pictures of the puppies who survived Hurricane Ike out in the open without any protection. Please read their story on our Hurricane Ike Victims page. These little sould had a really rough stat in life. They have survived Hurricane Ike, Starvation and then Parvo. They deserve to find loving homes where they are loved and protected forever.
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