Special needs and medical emergencies require multiple visits to the vet.

Some days we have multiple dogs going to multiple vets at the same time. Our transport helpers make sure that all dogs arrive at the vets on time for their treatments.

Transporters are not needed daily but it is a good way to get involved if you can only help once in a while.

Help us find Furever homes for our Angels.

Adoption helpers are the life line for our saved dogs. We cannot rescue more if we can't find home for the ones we have already helped.

Our adoption helpers promote those dogs that are ready for adoption. They make sure that dogs are photographed, their bios and personalities are advertised, and they take them to adoption events.

Adoption helpers also help us screen applicants and future homes.

Adoption helpers do home visits to make sure dogs are happy and safe in their new homes.

There are multiple ways to help:

When you have one or two dogs you know you will need certain things on a regular basis. With 30, 40 or more special needs dogs, well, you got the picture.

If you can help us with these products we can use our donations to pay for vet bills, surgeries, and medicine.

Please, have Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary next time you go shopping, or during a deep cleaning at your house. We always need:

  • Comforters
  • Towels
  • Dog Beds
  • Kuranda Beds
  • Collars
  • Leashes
  • Bandana
  • Dog costumes/accessories etc for their adoption pictures
  • Dog bowls
  • Water Buckets
  • Toys
  • Newspapers
  • Pads
  • Cedarcide to spray in the yard for flea and mosquito control
  • Milkbone cookies only, please - We do not give other treats as there have been several recalls on treats
  • Dog food, only grain free and byproduct free, please. (Nutro, Rachel Ray, etc)
  • Heartworm meds
  • Painkillers & antibiotics - Leftover from your pet's treatment? We can use them!
  • Nutri-Cal
  • Supplements


Day Nanny

Medical and vet bills for our special needs dogs can add up real quickly. From emergency surgeries to day-to-day meds, it costs a lot.

We could never save as many animals as we want to without our supporter's help.

We need talented volunteers who can help raise funds in fun ways. Do you have some great ideas that could help us raise funds to help even more pups?

Adoption Helpers

Foster or Day Nanny

Would you like to be a foster parent? Fostering saves lives​. Please, open your heart and home to these needy animals. We pay all vet bills and medical care and even food, if needed. You may foster a healthy dog, pet with medical needs, or injured dog. Your time is an invaluable resource that can help our dogs find good homes. You can socialize and train our adoptable dogs for their next life.

You may also foster medical needs dogs. We will guide you all the way. Most medical cases require simple things like medicines twice a day. In case of surgery, the patient may need you to help them walk in and out with the help of a sling, etc. They are not difficult to foster. In fact, they are easier than high energy puppies :-).

Please go to our "Sponsor a Mutt" page and donate towards the cause you like. 

Sponsor or Donate

Our sanctuary is a closed sanctuary due to the fact that it's a no cage sanctuary. All dogs live as if they were living at home.

In any large pack of animals it's essential that people around them are well versed in animal behavior. Unfortunately we have found that most people get overwhelmed when they are surrounded by 30 or 40 dogs. Because of that we do not have open volunteering. We do have volunteers come and help clean up and walks etc on special occasions, but we do not have regular volunteering.

Fundraise Helpers

If you are busy during the week, you can be our day nanny during the weekend. Our day nannies pick up the dog from the sanctuary and take them for bath, grooming and a day out. It's like having a dog only when you have time. It helps you and helps them.

You will be like that awesome uncle/aunty who shows up and take them to have fun. This is a rewarding but low-commitment kind of volunteering, quite popular among our supporters.​

General Volunteers

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