Some of ours dogs end up here due to injuries or sickness that may take long time and lots of resources to heal.We heal broken limbs to broken hearts here. 

These animals have recovered from their illnesses and injuries and ready for adoption.

Puppies came with mom, who needed help, but after a while they are ready to find their own homes.

As for them being normal - fair warning - we do not have normal dogs! We only have spoiled rotten dogs :0.

If you are looking to spoil a dog or two, please check our babies.

Special Needs

Change the life of an Unfortunate Pup - Adopt today your favorite MuttĀ©

Silver Paws

Normal & Healthy

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Indeed our special needs babies are very special. Life may have dealt them a rotten hand, but they don't let that affect their sunny outlook on life.

We have deaf, blind, lame, arthritic, old, shy and everything in between dogs at the sanctuary. Some of them will be lucky and get adopted by a big hearted human, and some of them will stay here forever until they cross the rainbow bridge.

To look at our current residents, please go to our adoption page by clicking the button below.

If you fall in love with any of them, please contact us to see if they are still available for adoption or fostering.

Contrary to popular belief special needs dogs are not extra work. We will help you all the way to make sure you know how to help this dogs in your homes.

All they need is a little bit of care and lots of love.

Our Silver Paws Program helps older and mature dogs that have been abandoned by their families. Due to their age, they are hard to place and sometimes they come with age related problems, just like us, humans. But in our book they are the best.

Already through their high energy state phase, the only thing these mellow fellows want to do is to lay by your side or lie on your feet and relax. They are the best companions any one can ask for. These wise souls have seen the world and are thankful for the second chance.

Unconditional love doesn't come in a better package than this. All animals under this program are adopted without any fees.

Can't teach an old dog new tricks?
Not so! Ask our adopters. How an old dog who has never been inside a house takes to sleeping in a bed or sofa. How a dog who had spent all his/her life tied to a tree takes to being free and play in the backyard.

To all our patrons who adopts an older animal - You are our heroes.

Thanks so much for helping us help older canines in their later years.