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Change the life of an Unfortunate Pup
Adopt today your favorite Mutt©
Adoption is the only Option
When you buy, Shelter dog dies

Adopt our Pure Mutts aka Designer Dogs -Designed by Nature itself

We guarantee - All our Dogs are Spoiled Rotten :)

Call - 832-277-3577 or Email -


What you get
All dogs are Fixed and Vaccinated. They all know how to use Dog Door. Mostly Crate Trained and House Trained.
But you still need to train them to fit in your lifestyle. Please be aware it requires time and patience.

Here are some of our available Babies. You can see lot more on our Pet Finder website.
Please click on any of the animals below and it will take you to our shelter's Pet Finder site.

Special Need & Seasoned Animals

We have deaf, blind, lame, artheritic, old, shy and everything in between dogs at the sanctuary. Some of them will be lucky and get adopted by a big hearted human and some od them will stay here for ever until they cross the rainbow bridge.

Here are some of our current residents.
If you fall in love with any of them please contact us to see if they are available for adoption or fostering.

Miracle - Deaf, Puppy

Sky - Deaf, Puppy

Miracle & Sky

Taz - Blind & Diabetic, Old

Sophie - Blind & Diabetic, Old

Cotton - Deformed front leg, Puppy

Caroline - Bossy

Shaggy- Old Dog Young Spirit

Copper - Shy

Cheri - Frozen Shoulder

Coco - Young Possible Knee issue

Marsha - Shy

Pluto - Once abused & scared
Now a love bug

Cindy -

Samantha - Semi Ferrel

Our Babies who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Bandit - Rest In Peace
(Blue Heeler Mix. 4-5 yrs old Male)

Crossed the rainbow bridge in Feb 2009
One of the first corridor of cruelty rescue
He left paw prints on our hearts
Rest In Peace

Bandit arrived at the sanctuary just before Ike. He was being kicked around in front of Ross in SW houston. All he wanted was someone to help him but everytime he tried to get in the store or approach the door he got kicked by the security guards, employees or even shoppers. Emails flew around all over houston asking for help for him. It all started in the morning but by 4 O'clock no one has gone and helped him. We were hoping for some local rescue to go get him. Though we were more than an hour away we decided to help him. Good smaritan pitched in and transported him to us. Being kicked was least of his problems. He looked miserable, emaciated and had lots of scratches and wounds. We bathed him three times but water still came out dirty. That told us that he has been living on the streets and may have to defend himself from bigger dogs when scavenging for food.
We knew we couldn't do anything for him until we put some weight on him. He agreed with the plan and got involved earnestly in trying to put on weight. We discovered next week that he was heavy heart worm positive. A month later we started with his heartworm treatment but first shot almost killed him. He developed cough, stopped eating and suddenly lost all the weight he had gained. Cough developed in neumonia as heart worms got into his lungs. We had to hospitalize him for almost 20 days. It was touch and go. But he is fighter and he made it. When he got home he did not stop eating for 4 days. Everytime we turned around there he was with his face in the food bowl. He gained all his weight back and some. Now he is flittering around all over the house. We can't let him run around due to his heart worms but he wants to. We are hoping to find him a good loving home where he will always be loved and protected. He already has survived on the streets, almost died and made it. Our fighter deserves a happy life.
Our fighter lost his battle to Heart Worms.

Special Programs

Silver Paws

Our Silver Paws program helps older and mature dogs that have been abandoned by their families. Due to their age they are hard to place and sometimes they come with some age related problems. But in our book they are the best.

Already through their high energy state only thing these mellow fellows want to do is to lay by your side or lie on your feet and relax. They are the best companion any one can ask for. These wise souls have seen the world and are thankful for the second chance. Unconditional love doesn't come in a better package than this. All animals under this program are adopted without any fees.

Can't teach an old dog new tricks?
Not so! Ask our adopters. How an old dog who has never been inside a house takes to sleeping in a bed or sofa. How a dog who had spent all his/her life tied to a tree takes to being free and play in the backyard.
To all our patrons who adopts an older animal - You are our heroes.
Thanks so much for helping us help older canines in their later years.

11 year old SIR came to us when his family's move couldn't accomodate him. He came with lots of emotional issues. He had spent most of his life alone outside. He was a fear biter, didn't know how to get along with other dogs and he didn't know how to play and be happy. In few months he has learned to trust and love. NOw he is an inside dog. He made friends and now he even has a girl friend. He is really great with our Ike puppies. He plays with them and make sures that they don't get in trouble. He loves his hug, kiss and lick time. He is a different dog.

Helping Hands & Wagging Tales
Our Helping Hands and Wagging Tales program helps sick and injured animals that need long term care and treatments. These are the animals who were either abused by humans or abandoned by their families on the side of the road. Some of these animals starved but stayed where their families left them thinking that they will return. Others tried to find their way back home but got into accidents trying to cross a road. And sometimes they just got sick without any food and care. Our goal at the sanctuary is to wipe their tears, mend their broken hearts and show them love. Their bodies take care of themself with food and medication.
Unfortunately Sanctuary also acts as a Hospice for older sick animals that have been abandoned by their families due to sickness or because family wanted a newer model.
Fortunately we have other humans who want to give these old souls a love and care they deserve. These animals are adopted out without any fees. And sanctuary helps with their medical care.


Katie - Red Heeler w/Broken leg smiling after geting her cast.

Katie came to the pound outside Houston with a broken leg and hurting bad. Appeal went out to help her. We got her to the vet and Heeler rescue pitched in. She was taken to the vet in Brazoria county to get her leg fixed. She stayed at the vet for 5 days before another volunteer could transport her to us. Drive was almost two hours long but she finally made it to our sanctuary where she stayed to recover until we found her a foster home. She is happily recovering at her new home now.

Tierra our toughest and saddest Case
Tierra was rescued from a front porch of an uncaring owner. Owner didn't see anything wrong with
her condition. She had horrible skin infection, had lost most of her fur, her skin was black and stinking. Her eyes were closed shut from infection and her ears were crusted, infected and stinking.
We were told by the vet and the shelter that she is a gone case and beyond help. But we took our chance with her. She needed bath with special shampoo, moisturizers and dips twice a day. Ear drops and eye drops. It took 6 months but she gained her weight and her hair back. She had cataract and needed eye drops everyday but otherwise she was a fiesty little girl. The day we decided that she had recovered fully and ready to be adopted out we got home and found her passed away. Her heart finally gave up or she decided she wasn't ready to leave us for another family. It was the saddest day for our rescue. But we are happy that we were able to give her happy last 6 months of her life. And she left this world knowing that she was loved.

Tierra Before


Tierra After

Tierra showing off her wind blown look after recovering her gorgeous hair back.

How You can Help

Temporary Foster
If you are not sure if you are ready to add to your family, you can try our temporary foster program. You foster the animal you think you want to adopt to see if you make good fit for each other without going through the full adoption. If you decide you are ready you can finish the official adoption paperwork and if you decide you are not ready you can simply return the animal back to us or try a different one.

You can be one of our angels and foster dogs on regular basis for us until they are ready for Adoption.


We need help at the sanctuary for following:
Playing and Socializing
animals, Leash Training' Vet Appointments, Outside Adoption Trips, Home Screenings

Please see some of our cases on Page - "Silver Paws and Helping Hands"




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