Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary

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About the Sanctuary


St. Francis Watching Over Everyone

Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary is founded in honor of a loving soul "Moti" who showed us humans what it means to love unconditionally.

Sanctuary is founded to fill the need of providing special care for old, seriously sick and injured animals that ordinary shelters can't provide due to lack of resources.  These special need animals come to the
Pure Mutts Sanctuary from other shelters, from other rescuers and volunteers, from concerned citizens.

Its a private sanctuary and does not get any state or federal funding.

Sanctuary serves as a
-Hospice for older animals that have been abandoned by their families at their old age either because they are sick or because family wants a new model.
-Long term foster home for really sick and injured animals that need a place for long term recovery. Animals abused by humans or abandoned animals injured in accidents.
-Vacation home for healthy animals who stop by before they find their forever home. Usually stray who lived most of their life on streets or abandoned and lost animals who can't find their way back home because they don't have tags or are not chipped.

Our Patience, Care, and Compassion and their will to live, love and be loved makes this Sanctuary a special place.

Sanctuary Set Up
Pure Mutts animal Sanctuary is located on over an acre woods in the Woodlands/Conroe area. Just North of Houston. Sanctuary shares the land with its sister organizations under the umbrella of Indus Valley Sustainable living institute.

Animals live in a home setting. Shelter building is set up as a living room with bed, sofa, book case and TV. They have their own swimming pool, a sand box and a sunning deck. There are no cages, kennels or bars. Pure Mutts intent is to make animals feel at home. Our whole intention is to make animals feel that they are on vacation and not on a waiting list. Pure Mutts Animals Sanctuary is place of healing for these broken hearts and betrayed souls. Our goal is 
to show love and loyalty to the most loyal species to humans on earth.

Animals live in small packs depending upon their personality and who they get along with. They are free to roam, run, play and frolic. This way not only they learn to share and play with others, they never get bored. They learn social skills and get plenty of exercise playing among themselves.

When family adopt from us they can be pretty sure that our animals will get along well with other family members in their family. Be it humans or other four legged friends.

Yes our dogs are spoiled rotten. But its the least we can do as most of our animals come to us after suffering through human hands. Sometimes they are physically and emotionally scarred so deep that it takes months or years to win back their trust. But they are always ready to love again.
We also work as hospice for old and sick animals that have been abandoned by their families at their old age. These animals come here to spend their last days in love and care. Our Golden Paws program offers families the opportunity to show love and kindness to these betrayed hearts.
Our Helping Hands and Wagging tales program provides fostering for seriously sick and injured animals that need long term care that other shelters can't provide.

To our adoptive parents we offer life long service. If you adopt an animal from us you can be sure that we will always be there for you. We make commitment to all our rescues that we will always love and protect them. So if something changes in your life and you can no longer keep your adopted family member we will help you find another family or we will take them in to our sanctuary. Though we always hope and wish that none of our rescuers ever lose their family.

We also offer vacation for all our rescued animals. If you are going on vacation and need a place to board your adopted family member we would love to board them for you. Its a win win situation for everyone. We love to see our fosters again, they get to come and have their own vacation instead of being cooped up in a cage somewhere. And fee for boarding help other needy animals at the sanctuary.

All our animals come completely vetted and fixed.

If you are looking for unconditional love consider adopting or even fostering one of our rescues. 

Puppies & Athena the baby sitter under the watchful eyes of Budha.
Athena is our in house baby sitter. She is crazy about puppies. How lucky for us. She works for free. (Not really, she actually works for cookies).

Healing Hands Medical Fund 
Broken Leg and Broken Heart
Though I have been rescued,
I can't go Far
Waiting for the treatment still
Won't you help me pay, 
my medical bills?

Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary is a private sanctuary founded and solely funded by Priyanka Johri by donating 30% of her real estate commissions. But sometimes we need more resources then our income provides. Multiple emergencies can create quick depletion in our funds and we have to depend on generousity of our friends, family and strangers. All donations go to the vet bills.


Call - 832-277-3577
Email -

About Moti 

Moti - She stole my heart and gave me a soul

Rest in peace until we meet again


In Memory of a precious girl
With her love she changed my world

I rescue animals because Moti rescued my soul.

About Woodlands Eco Realty's motto is -

Taking care of people, pets and planet.

Living that motto 30% of all commissions
generated by the Woodlands Eco Realty
are donated to the sanctuary.

Woodlands Eco Realty specializes in re-locations, buying, selling, corporate executive home rentals,  furnished offices and real estate investments.

They sponsor monthly Woodlands Real Estate educational programs to help educate clients as they believe home is the biggest investment people make and want to help people make savvy investments.


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